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Multimedia, AV Toshiba said Tuesday it will no longer manufacture HD-DVDs, effectively ending the long-running battle with the rival Blu-ray for a dominant high-definition format. Toshiba said it made the decision to cease developing, manufacturing, and marketing HD-DVDs after 'recent major changes in the market'. It promised to continue offering support and service for all 1.3+ million Toshiba HD-DVDs sold so far.
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Resolution and perception
by Gorgak on Wed 20th Feb 2008 14:57 UTC
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It's interesting how vastly different people's perception of video and audio quality is.

A friend of mine has a nice large HD TV, and HD material makes a huge difference in quality - particularly with movies that has complex and detailed scenes. That's not my opinion, that's a fact. Or so I would like to think.... -

When we started watching the film 300 on his setup, I reacted to the quality immediately - he hadn't even told me that it was HD yet, because we'd been watching "normal" resolution material earlier - while another one of my friends looked at the screen and wondered what I was so worked up about; to him it looked like any DVD movie.

As another example, my mother was perfectly happy with the quality of the sound system in her car - a cassette recorder connected to a mono speaker positioned under the driver's seat. I could hardly make out which song she was listening to, but she was perfectly happy with it.

Again, it's interesting that people have such different demands on video and audio quality. If everyone was like my mother, not many HD sets would be sold.

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