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Google Google is funding work to ensure the Windows version of Adobe Systems' Photoshop and other Creative Suite software can run on Linux computers. "We hired CodeWeavers to make Photoshop CS and CS2 work better under Wine," Dan Kegel, of Google's software engineering team and the Wine 1.0 release manager, said on Google's open-source blog. "Photoshop is one of those applications that desktop Linux users are constantly clamoring for, and we're happy to say they work pretty well now... We look forward to further improvements in this area."
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Why not mac?
by bert64 on Wed 20th Feb 2008 17:31 UTC
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Instead of wine, how difficult would it be to implement Apple's APIs on top of linux?
It should be considerably easier, since the underlying OS and filesystem layout etc are very similar anyway. I believe linux already has (or had) the capability to run binaries from other x86 unixes, you might need to emulate quartz (or clone the libs that use it to target X11 instead), but I believe at least some of the work has already been done by gnustep.
For that matter, how hard would it be to get apple's entire desktop environment running atop linux instead of darwin?

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