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Windows Longhorn will have some new features that will be particularly interesting for hardware hackers: The Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSat) is basically a built-in benchmarking tool that should help with determining what affect a new component is having on the system, and another, unnamed feature looks for hardware changes on boot, and, if it finds any, will restart the hardware configuration process.
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RE: Another crash-ware feature
by JrezIN on Tue 12th Jul 2005 16:14 UTC in reply to "Another crash-ware feature"
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I may be wrong... but seen that the only difference in this new "feature" is that the system will boot faster not looking for new devices. If a new device's found, the system will just do the same as now. The only difference is the OS trying to understand the hardware to make the appropriate changes in system config, like the eye candy level and video resolution for example... (Or more drastic changes in case of motherboard changes... it won't trust the previous config/registry all the time)

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