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AMD In part 1 of this two-part series, ExtremeTech examines the performance of Windows XP Pro x64 and 32-bit Windows on a dual-core CPU. This part features the AMD Athlon 64 model on both operating systems. The next part will feature Intel's best dual-core offering.
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However.. under heavy load (or a misbehaving application) Win2K completely fails to respond for anything between 10 seconds and several minutes.

This is precisely the unexpected benefit that having a dual core with XP brings, in that the system still responds fine in situations that would make a single core XP machine unbearably sluggish.

As a result, I'm very happy with my dual core system. It gives you dual processors with a regular cost motherboard, at only about double the cost of a similar single processor. Quite a bargain.

This is particularly annoying on my laptop. Occasionally the piece of shit VPN client, or a vendor helper app, or even Firefox will consume inordinate amounts of CPU upon the laptop coming out of sleep mode. This makes the laptop take forever to wake up, sometimes more than 2 minutes.

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