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Windows Microsoft has flung open the door for anyone interested in getting their mitts on release candidate 2 of Windows XP SP3. The software giant had made RC2 of the final service pack of XP already available to several thousand beta testers a few weeks ago. Now, it feels brave enough to pump it out to the masses.
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Despite my above comment, seeing that this is a rollup (including some patches you had to request prior), it seemed reasonably safe, especially compared to the alternative. And getting all those bug fixes is reason enough. If it fixes 100 bugs and creates two - the tradoff may be worth it.

Anecdotal, I know, but I have not had any issues with RC2, except that certain things will no longer show up in Windows update after you apply SP3 (IE7, WMP11, etc). But they can be installed by downloading them and I have not seen any issues with this (this applies to my virtual machines of Windows in Linux).

Another gentleman I know who installed it had to uninstall IE7 to get IE working, albiet as IE6, but then could not install IE7 again, but I believe his was not a clean install. YMMV.

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