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Apple Ars has reviewed the new Mac Pro. "The performance of Harpertown and Stoakley is more evidence that Intel is doing right by Apple, and this eight-core monster is a worthy successor to the Mac Pro name. At USD 3599, it's expensive; the USD 800 cheaper 2.8GHz model will likely be adequate for the majority of users. But if you want maximum performance and a machine that's unlikely to show its age anytime soon, the Mac Pro is a good buy."
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RE[3]: Looks good but
by arokh on Thu 21st Feb 2008 00:50 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Looks good but"
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You don't get it do you... Some people thinks this solution is a lot better. On top, they have other things to do than spend hours building hardware and configuring the software. Don't try to enforce a PC on a happy Mac user.

Oh, and what's up with people complaining about the news. I don't read much other than osnews, and I found it interesting. If you don't like it, just don't read it and at least don't post unconstructive comments.

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