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Opera Software Opera Software's CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner explains why they will not release the Opera browser as open source, arguing that open standards are more important than open source. Von Tetzchner also talks about the company's antitrust complaint to the European Commission in which it accuses Microsoft of abusing its dominant position by tying Internet Explorer to Windows.
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by Moulinneuf on Thu 21st Feb 2008 19:01 UTC in reply to "RE: hrmmm"
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Me too. As long as you're using open standards, not really much of a chance for vendor lock-in.

You never got two wrong without a third ...

Look it should be simple by now , if it's *Open* anything it's going to get closed by one of it's derivative user :

- Open Source code get closed in it's derivative , that's why it's not sustainable.

- Open Standards gets modified in its derivative , that's why it's also not sustainable.

- Open Hardware get's modified in it's derivative , that's why it's also not sustainable.

Note for the cluless in the crowd , the bad part is the closing , not the Open Source quality. Also don't bother arguing with 50 years of hard data on the subject , the only Open that's sustainable is one that is alone in it's market , one that is a leader
in it's segment with Millions if not Billion in support , and when it's inside or tied to Free Software/hardware.

One more thing IE ***IS*** Open Standards , that Microsoft improved upon ... They locked-in there derivative.

As for Opera, it's really Firefox that's eating its lunch and not IE.

Opera strenght is in the Mobile/Cellphone area.

Mozilla doesn't target mobile phone yet.

That mean that Opera problem is more likely the Windows mobile inclusion of **Pocket Internet Explorer** or **Internet Explorer Mobile** as default browser on many mobile device due to the OS choice by the maker of the device , that don't include Opera as a choice.

Note for the clueless in the crowd :

iPhone is Built by Apple , they build the hardware , deliver it under there brand name , this is not a two company deal that exclude the competition. It's one company making a full offer.

So your wrong on everything.

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