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.NET (dotGNU too) "Previously, we have presented one of the two opensource licensed projects related to creating a C# kernel. Now it's the time to complete the set by rightfully presenting SharpOS, an effort to build a GPL version 3 + runtime exception licensed system, around a C# kernel of their own design. It is my pleasure and priviledge to host a set of questions and answers from four active developers of SharpOS, that is William Lahti, Bruce Markham, Mircea - Cristian Racasan and Sander van Rossen in order to get some insight into what they are doing with SharpOS, their goals, their different design and inspiration."
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So what ?
by Treza on Fri 22nd Feb 2008 12:21 UTC
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Sometimes I feel that those C# kernels are more like a 'microkernel rocks' rehash ( like Linus vs. Tannenbaum ) than genuinely innovative designs, especially comparing to the legendary Smalltalk and Lisp machines.

The memory sharing and protection stuff has been discussed for ages. Everything runs in kernel space: Bwahahahahahahah

I feel that with current mainstream hardware, it is more interesting to build a world inside a virtual machine than doing an OS from scratch.
If a C# OS does nothing to change the way applications run and share data, ... (try Squeak as an example), It seems pretty useless.

And using C# in small embedded designs is laugable.

Could anyone tell me what is so amazing about C# ?
Seriously, what wonderful things shall I wait for ?

Now, mod me down ;-)

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