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.NET (dotGNU too) "Previously, we have presented one of the two opensource licensed projects related to creating a C# kernel. Now it's the time to complete the set by rightfully presenting SharpOS, an effort to build a GPL version 3 + runtime exception licensed system, around a C# kernel of their own design. It is my pleasure and priviledge to host a set of questions and answers from four active developers of SharpOS, that is William Lahti, Bruce Markham, Mircea - Cristian Racasan and Sander van Rossen in order to get some insight into what they are doing with SharpOS, their goals, their different design and inspiration."
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safety is the answer. no buffer overflows or easy memory leaks

Well, actually all you do is delegate the safety checks to the developers of the language/compiler/whatever. In the long run all I see emerging from this is something I don't really like, coders who say are experienced and perform horribly when needed to code in c++ and the likes. And disregard c/c++/vc/etc. all you want, it's still mighty important. Don't get this wrong, I personally don't have anything against c# (although winforms is a no-go for me), on my better days I tend even to like it somewhat ;)

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