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Opera Software Opera Software's CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner explains why they will not release the Opera browser as open source, arguing that open standards are more important than open source. Von Tetzchner also talks about the company's antitrust complaint to the European Commission in which it accuses Microsoft of abusing its dominant position by tying Internet Explorer to Windows.
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Pack in browser good!
by Syphadias on Sat 23rd Feb 2008 18:34 UTC
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OK, so I have no love what so ever for Microsloth, any of there products (except maybe an XBOX with a MOD for homebrew), and I can care less about the Gate's family's multi-billion dollar dynasty and all there friends that have the world in debit like the Rothschild family, Rockefeller family, Morgan, Chase, Bin Laden family , etc.

On the other hand, I am tired of companies complaining about what Microsloth does with it's own OS. OK I understand that it's not there own OS, in that a lot of code and innovative ideas where stolen and duplicated in there OS, and they patted themselves on the back and called themselves pioneers, etc, but the point is that if they want to include a Web Browser with the OS, then great! I wish all OS's came with a web browser. Heck back in the old school Amiga days you had to pay for the ability to use TCP/IP, you had to buy your Web Browser, you had to pay for IRC, you name it, so ya, freebies with the OS are great!

Now where competition comes in is someone has to make something that is better than what is given to you with your OS. Then and only then will people take notice and begin to realize that there is something better than the free stuff Microsoft gives you.

Common sense.

Now if we let government control companies like this, well then we have Capitalist Socialism. In fact we are already there, but it must end, we must go back to the days before the Oil Barons, the Steel Barons, the Banker's etc. Bought up all the politicians, and lobbyists and turned this globe into a plantation, into Brave New World.

Shame on those who only promote it.

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