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KDE "KDE 4.1 will be what everyone expected 4.0 to be - a fully functional revolutionary Linux desktop. I took a look at the revision 777000 of this desktop environment and what you get is a visual changelog describing the current progress in terms of look and feel and the features." It has Bejeweled KDiamond? I'm sold.
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Will never go back
by ephracis on Sun 24th Feb 2008 11:21 UTC
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I moved from KDE a while ago, I had some dispute with the developers and I must say that I am still not feeling any urges to go back to KDE. What did they do with it?

Everything takes up real-estate, the new menu is one of the most awful things I've seen and I still can't see any good reason to switch to it.

It is just my opinion but it looks weird and I will not use it in this state, ever.


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