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Oracle and SUN Sun Microsystems initiated a warmer stage in its relationship with Red Hat on Monday, making conspicuous room onstage for the rival at a major server product launch. Sun prefers customers to use its Solaris operating system, which chiefly runs on Sun servers using UltraSparc processors. And as Sun launches its "Galaxy" line of x86 servers, the company is aggressively trying to build support for the Unix variant on computers with Intel and Advanced Micro Devices processors as well.
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RE[2]: You can't fight the power
by shotsman on Tue 13th Sep 2005 07:30 UTC in reply to "RE: You can't fight the power"
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This is a pure Troll. Lots of bits of the kernel and Gnome have been contributed by RedHat to the Linux code pool that is used by all distributions. I suggest that you download some of the sources and do a grep and you will soon find that I am correct.

Fedora is a community supported OS that tests leading edge apps & hw. This is then fed back into RHEL. Everything at source level in RHEL is downloadable. This is picked up by other Linux distros ad used.
So please go back to your closed source OS from M$ and get on with your dull dull life.

RedHat is attractive to many commercial S/W companies who use RHEL as a sold base to sell their products on. Sun obviously sees this as a potential lever to generate H/W sales now that they seem to be giving away most of their S/W now. So getting companies like RedHat & SUSE onboard is essential to their H/W sales.

I don't work for RedHat but I use RHEL, Fedora and SUSE and develop software that uses commercial software such as Oracle, Websphere, DB2 that run on the above versions of Linux OOTB. Even the most die hard Debianites in my local LUG (hantslug) have to admit that RedHat contributes lots to FOSS. They just like doing things the hard way( as compared to some other distros). To me this is like mathmateticians proving an equation from first principals and then use it whereas, engineers just get on and use it. They both end up with the same result but get their by very different methods.

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