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Legal A federal judge said Friday that consumers may go ahead with a class action lawsuit against Microsoft over the way it advertised computers loaded with Windows XP as capable of running the Vista operating system. The lawsuit said Microsoft's labeling of some PCs as 'Windows Vista Capable' was misleading because many of those computers were not powerful enough to run all of Vista's features, including the much-touted 'Aero' user interface.
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RE: This is a joke
by optimusg4 on Mon 25th Feb 2008 02:11 UTC in reply to "This is a joke"
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Since when did Microsoft make computers ?

Microsoft might have tested some computers for Vista capability after some company donated test machines.

But, who is to say the test machines donated where the same specification that the manufacturers released after they got the Vista stamp of approval ?

Microsoft should not be held to task over this, the hardware manufacturers should be investigated instead.

I agree actually. Microsoft published the specs for Vista way before it was due and hardware manufacturers had plenty of time to up the specs. It's almost as if they were clearing out old inventory and in order to make a sale, slapped a sticker on it that said Vista capable for the consumer to feel warm and fuzzy.

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