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Mono Project A huge 'discussion' took place on the desktop-devel mailing list of the GNOME project about a possible replacement for TomBoy, the Wiki-like note taking application-thing-program-utility written in Mono - it being written in Mono was the prime reason for the whole debate, which started here, and only got considerably nastier later on. "It would seem that lately there are a lot of FUD-spreading trolls crawling out of the woodwork trying to frighten people into thinking that GNOME somehow depends on Mono. Let's take a look at their most widely repeated claims."
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RE[3]: The whole reason
by masalinger on Wed 27th Feb 2008 04:07 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: The whole reason"
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Writing a simple note-taking app with Mono is like using a jackhammer to kill cockroaches.

Nicely stated. That cracked me up. But couldn't the same be said about Java? You can write a simple note-taking application with it but something like Python or C with GTK toolkit would be a faster and slimmer route. I like to use Java for server side code but using it for GUI work is awkward. The apps just never perform the same as native GTK.

Indeed the same could be said about Java.

One problem with writing apps in Python is that they typically use more memory and are slower than the same apps written in C#.

I will give you this tho... C# isn't as much of a step in the RAD direction as Python is... Dare I say that IronPython is the best of both worlds? Faster runtime and faster development time ;-)

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