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GNU, GPL, Open Source Richard Stallman, industry activist and founder of the Free Software Foundation has - once again - relinquished his role as maintainer of the phenomenally successful GNU Extensible, Customizable, Display Editor (Emacs). The news was slipped out on the Emacs developers' forum and Stallman explained his reasons in a later interview.
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by WereCatf on Wed 27th Feb 2008 13:59 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by tyrione"
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So why has Linus's crew failed so miserably to write a complete Unix system, which they could rightfully call the "Linux operating system"? And why is Linus downplaying the significance of a project which has accomplished what they failed to do? Where's the Linux user land? And where are the Linux development tools? Well? It's 2008. And we're still waiting.

A note: Linus never had any intentions whatsoever of writing all the userland also. The plan was right from the beginning to port any existing software and use that. As such they haven't failed anything, they've achieved what they intended to. GNU Hurd however is a project that was set out to create a kernel along with userland. They still have a long way to go regarding the kernel.

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