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Mono Project A huge 'discussion' took place on the desktop-devel mailing list of the GNOME project about a possible replacement for TomBoy, the Wiki-like note taking application-thing-program-utility written in Mono - it being written in Mono was the prime reason for the whole debate, which started here, and only got considerably nastier later on. "It would seem that lately there are a lot of FUD-spreading trolls crawling out of the woodwork trying to frighten people into thinking that GNOME somehow depends on Mono. Let's take a look at their most widely repeated claims."
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RE[8]: The whole reason
by masalinger on Wed 27th Feb 2008 15:18 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: The whole reason"
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There's no proof that core Mono (e.g. non Windows.Forms) infringes on any patents.

There is a *possibility* that Mono infringes on patents... but there is also the *possibility* that the Linux kernel, gcc, Python, etc infringe on patents as well.

No software is 100% known to not infringe on patents, that is simply a fact in the software industry.

No piece of software that any of us uses on a daily basis is free from the threat of patents.

Does that mean none of us should be running software? I hope not...

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