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FreeBSD "FreeBSD is back to its incredible performance and now can take advantage of multi-core/CPUs systems very well... So well that some benchmarks on both Intel and AMD systems showed release 7.0 being faster than Linux 2.6 when running PostreSQL or MySQL. Federico Biancuzzi interviewed two dozen developers to discuss all the cool details of FreeBSD 7.0: networking and SMP performance, SCTP support, the new IPSEC stack, virtualization, monitoring frameworks, ports, storage limits and a new journaling facility, what changed in the accounting file format, jemalloc(), ULE, and more."
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Binary system/package capabilities...
by dindin on Wed 27th Feb 2008 15:52 UTC
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Has the binary package management system changed that much?

1) Can the system be updated/upgraded with binary only packages like "apt-get dist-upgrade"

2) Can applications be upgraded with binary only packages?

The lst time I used FreeBSD the binary packge system and availability of binary packes was the killer for me. I would install a binary package but I could not upgrade via binary packages due to unavailability.

FreeBSD needs to ensure that binary packages are treated as first class citizens as source ports else this is going to be an on going issue.

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