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GNU, GPL, Open Source Richard Stallman, industry activist and founder of the Free Software Foundation has - once again - relinquished his role as maintainer of the phenomenally successful GNU Extensible, Customizable, Display Editor (Emacs). The news was slipped out on the Emacs developers' forum and Stallman explained his reasons in a later interview.
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RE[9]: Comment by tyrione
by pinky on Wed 27th Feb 2008 15:59 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Comment by tyrione"
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>Just how exactly is that any different from your own examples then? Replacing a Unix-like kernel with another Unix-like kernel, that's the example you gave in your previous post. So why not replace Unix-like userland with another Unix-like userland then?

Because your example only works if you change two almost equal userlands (e.g. BSD and GNU).
And my example also works if you change some complete different kernel. You can put whatever kernel you want into a GNU, BSD, MacOS, Windows,... system and the user will still have his GNU, BSD, MacOS, Windows,... system.

>Do you have any idea what's wrong behind that reasoning? Well, it's the fact that the kernel isn't even supposed to be visible to the users

Yes, you are right. The kernel is (a) not visible to the user and (b) only one program of an operating system. That's why almost no operating system in named like the kernel (most kernel don't have a name at all) and why Apple hasn't rename his OS after they have changed the kernel and why no MacOS user cares which kernel they use they would also like their MacOS if it would use an Linux kernel and they would probably not call it Linux because of the kernel.

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