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Microsoft "Microsoft was fined a record 899 million euros (USD 1.35 billion) by the European Commission on Wednesday for using high prices to discourage software competition in the latest sanction in their long-running battle. The executive arm of the European Union said the U.S. software group defied a 2004 order from Brussels to provide the information on reasonable terms. Microsoft has now been fined a total of 1.68 billion euros by the EU for abusing its 95 percent dominance of PC operating systems through Windows."
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This may not be a good thing...
by vondur on Wed 27th Feb 2008 19:18 UTC
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I would imagine that the Microsoft has some good friends in the current BUsh administration who could probably be convinced that this fine is excessive. That could lead to some sort of trade dispute in which the US puts a big levy on imported goods from the EU.

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