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FreeBSD "FreeBSD is back to its incredible performance and now can take advantage of multi-core/CPUs systems very well... So well that some benchmarks on both Intel and AMD systems showed release 7.0 being faster than Linux 2.6 when running PostreSQL or MySQL. Federico Biancuzzi interviewed two dozen developers to discuss all the cool details of FreeBSD 7.0: networking and SMP performance, SCTP support, the new IPSEC stack, virtualization, monitoring frameworks, ports, storage limits and a new journaling facility, what changed in the accounting file format, jemalloc(), ULE, and more."
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Windows gathered even more users and it _is_ to some degree 'crap'. So what? Do you want a frequency discount for the quantity of users? The low quality of Ubuntu packages isn't a secret, maybe this low quality is enough for the desktop but not for really productive work (people really don't see the difference to Windows anymore). And if you don't like it's a wide spread experience among _exerienced_ users.

So why do you think big companies like Yahoo are using FreeBSD? Because they _know_ how to use it efficiently.

Apart from FreeBSD I'm using Debian since potato and Slack since the middle of the 90s.

Last not least you don't have to use FreeBSD if you don't like it. Therefore we have opensource, the freedom of choice. Something for the professional user and something for the shiny desktop with lot of glimmer.

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