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Gnome GNOME 2.22.0 release candidate has been released. "This is the last unstable release before 2.22.0. It's been a pretty fun ride since September. New features. Bug fixes. Translations. Documentation. Lots of bug triaging too. And we're getting ready to start again for 2.23! But before, we need to make sure 2.22.0 will be rock-solid. There's still a few days before the hard code freeze, so it's not too late to fix this last bug you're ashamed of."
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RE: Comment by miscz
by tonywob on Thu 28th Feb 2008 21:37 UTC in reply to "Comment by miscz"
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Seriously, I haven't had any problems with it, it seems as stable as Gnome normally is. I am running it on Ubuntu on my Laptop and it hardly ever crashes. Not sure why you are getting so many problems :/

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