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AMD In part 1 of this two-part series, ExtremeTech examines the performance of Windows XP Pro x64 and 32-bit Windows on a dual-core CPU. This part features the AMD Athlon 64 model on both operating systems. The next part will feature Intel's best dual-core offering.
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RE[3]: Dual Core
by voidlogic on Tue 13th Sep 2005 14:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Dual Core"
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With Ubuntu 5.10 (as of a new X server a couple days ago) windows rendering/snappyness in my opinion is on par with the Windows GUI. 5.10 uses Ciaro, which in turn uses Giltz (OpenGL) has a backend, so your nice and shinny 6800 is doing the rendering. I have found that adding Option "RenderAccel" "true" to xorg.conf device section can also speed up rendering as well. So I disagree that 5.10 is slower (5.04 was).

And for my system playing Nexuiz or UT2004, they latest nVidia driver has brought FPS pairty for Windows and Linux. Which is something I have long waited for.

As far as the kernel-land. I have not had any trouble mounting, did you report the bug, along with your specs? Aslo, to run 32-bit dual core load the K7-SMP and for 64-bit load the K8-SMP. The defualt kernel is non SMP i386. So yes, everyone needs to load an optimized kernel, esp for HT/Dual CPU/Dual Core support

Maybe this will help:

386 - default, use for Pentium ClassicK6
(no 486,586)
686 - Pentium ProCeleronIIIIIIV (non-ht)
686-SMP Pentium IV HTDual CPUDual core
K7 Athlon, Athlon XP,Athlon 64(32-bit),Duron,Semperon
K7-SMP AthlonXP64X2 (32bit) - Dual CPUDualcore
K8 Athlon 64 (64bit)
K8-SMP Athlon X2Dual

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