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Windows As happens every year or so, some juicy Microsoft e-mails have surfaced as part of litigation that the software maker is party to. In this case, Microsoft is being sued over a program in 2006 that labeled some PCs as Windows Vista Capable ahead of the operating system's mainstream release in January 2007. As part of the discovery process, a number of e-mails have emerged with Microsoft executives discussing various problems with Vista as it came to market.
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RE[2]: Thoughts.
by waynej on Fri 29th Feb 2008 12:00 UTC in reply to "RE: Thoughts."
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Have to admit I agree with your thoughts.

And it must suck for the software engineers as you say. Maybe if Microsoft were to take a step back and rather than trying (it appears) to make a complex piece of software from scratch then remove aspects based on hardware compatibility they produced a fundamentally solid, reliable piece of core software that can run on most platforms with most hardware comfortably then add the bells and whistles things might be better.

The complexity seems to be built in from the get-go.

By doing this they could streamline their code, make things easier for the hardware guys and rather than having a complete re-write every few years, they could lightly modify the core software and add the toys they wish.

My tuppence.

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