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Windows As happens every year or so, some juicy Microsoft e-mails have surfaced as part of litigation that the software maker is party to. In this case, Microsoft is being sued over a program in 2006 that labeled some PCs as Windows Vista Capable ahead of the operating system's mainstream release in January 2007. As part of the discovery process, a number of e-mails have emerged with Microsoft executives discussing various problems with Vista as it came to market.
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Inherent business problem
by waynej on Fri 29th Feb 2008 13:16 UTC
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At work I use Windows XP Pro and at home PCLinuxOS. At work we have to use XP due to the software we run - Solidworks, Cosmosworks, etc. I find XP to be stable and perfectly acceptable as an OS.

We will not, under any circumstances, be upgrading to Vista. From what I have read and heard it would be an absolute liability at this time.

We will not spend the time wrestling with hardware and software issues when we should be doing real work!

Rather than refine their existing OS - plugging holes, cutting bloat, streamlining the code, etc - while retaining compatibility, Microsoft elected to create a new, complex OS that will need time to mature. Eventually Vista will get there - of course it will - but it will take time and in that period a number of people will become very disillusioned with the software and the company that produces it.

Microsoft's need (as a business) to make money has meant is needs to have a big launch that makes a big splash and creates as much sales as possible - this has caused a large amount of this problem.

What is a better model? Microsoft's (service packs, complete re-writes, followed by big launches and big upgrade costs) or Apple (more refinements, more often, less cost)? (or linux - continual refinement).

My tuppence

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