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Zeta During the trip that BeBug made to yT's headquarters in Mannheim, they also had a talk with CEO Bernd Korz. They discussed marketing, future releases and much more.
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I don't expect to see Ferro DRAM any time soon, it looks like one of those next year things (forever). But I would hope that the USB Flash drives could get faster, much much faster, I think they are only at 2MBytes/s even with USB2 because the demand hasn't been for speed, just size.

On the subject of nice, I also noticed that in the SFF arena there are now Athlon (Geode NX <10W, not the old NS Geode) and Pentium M miniITX boards popping up as well as a SFF IWIll dual Opteron but not exactly in the retail channel yet.

It will be interseting to see if a iMiniMac will run Zeta/BeOS/Haiku too. My biggest issue is getting any SFF machine to drive 2 monitors at >>1600 res.

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