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Apple The envelope had been lying there on the minimalist desk all throughout Jobs' keynote. The rumours had been clear: Apple is going to launch a subnotebook, a sort of MacBook Mini. Despite the rumours, the collective gasp of amazement was clearly audible when Jobs pulled the MacBook Air out of the envelope. I have to admit, even I was all wowed. Consequently, you can imagine I was delighted when Apple NL agreed to loan me a review unit as soon as they had the MacBook Air in stock. Read on for the review.
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by jal_ on Fri 29th Feb 2008 15:58 UTC
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While I would love to see a world where wireless internet is ubiquitous, we still have a very, very, very long way to go before we ever reach that utopia. In other words, the MacBook Air caters to a world that does not exist yet;

Ehm, yeah. Indeed, if it had a normal ethernet connector, everything would be fine, since, well, as we all know, the world (including rural Germany) is full of network cables waiting for your laptop to be plugged in.


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