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Apple The envelope had been lying there on the minimalist desk all throughout Jobs' keynote. The rumours had been clear: Apple is going to launch a subnotebook, a sort of MacBook Mini. Despite the rumours, the collective gasp of amazement was clearly audible when Jobs pulled the MacBook Air out of the envelope. I have to admit, even I was all wowed. Consequently, you can imagine I was delighted when Apple NL agreed to loan me a review unit as soon as they had the MacBook Air in stock. Read on for the review.
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2nd mac
by siraf72 on Sat 1st Mar 2008 14:06 UTC
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I don't think this is aimed necessarily at people constantly on the road. I think the target market is more likely to be someone who has a Mac Pro or Imac in the home/office for all his/her real computing needs but wants the option to take stuff along on holiday or to and from the office. A very light device onto which he/she just transfers the stuff they need for that trip.

I am considering it for this purpose (though the price point is annoying- its sitting annoyingly between the Macbook and MacBook Pros - making me think I could save and get a more features on the macbook or splurge and get serious laptop. Decisions, decisions.)

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