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Fedora Core "Paul Frields is new to Red Hat, but he's not new to the Fedora Linux community. Frields became the Fedora project leader and a Red Hat employee at the beginning of February. Previously Frields was a US government employee and a contributor to the Fedora community for more than four years. Frields takes over at a pivotal time for Fedora as it gears up for its next major release, Fedora 9. A feature freeze is currently set for March 4, and Frields is already ready to chat about where Fedora is heading."
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Comment by simo
by simo on Sat 1st Mar 2008 21:41 UTC
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"I hope fedora gets it."

i don't even know what that means.

"Also I dont like their default themes (bluecurve?)."

i think bluecurve disappeared in what, fedora core 2? and an ubuntu user saying they don't like fedora's theme is pretty rich - or do you like that brown mess?

"Couldnt change the mac address of LAN card due to some security issues in feodra."

disable selinux?

"they need to get on the cooler side and win the techie crowd if they want to regain the old glory of redhat."

the real techies do still use fedora - because its the most bleeding edge distro and will eventually end up rolled back into redhat. ubuntu is for beginners.

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