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Apple The envelope had been lying there on the minimalist desk all throughout Jobs' keynote. The rumours had been clear: Apple is going to launch a subnotebook, a sort of MacBook Mini. Despite the rumours, the collective gasp of amazement was clearly audible when Jobs pulled the MacBook Air out of the envelope. I have to admit, even I was all wowed. Consequently, you can imagine I was delighted when Apple NL agreed to loan me a review unit as soon as they had the MacBook Air in stock. Read on for the review.
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Wi-fi spots in Amsterdam
by LordChaos on Sun 2nd Mar 2008 10:21 UTC
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In conclusion, I am guessing whoever thought of the brilliant idea to leave out all the ports and the optical drive never really left the Apple campus or the local Starbucks, since out in the real world, freely accessible WiFi is uncommon. Sure, my university has WiFi, but that is only for students and employees. Cafeteria with WiFi are still a rarity in The Netherlands (even in Amsterdam), and WiFi hotspots out in the wild? You have more chance of spotting a dodo in Antarctica than finding one of those around here.

When was the last time you were in Amsterdam ?

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