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General Development "Ruby on Rails is a popular and powerful open source web framework for rapidly creating high-quality web applications to help you keep up with the speed of the Web. Rails is thriving on Mac OS X, and Leopard comes pre-installed with Ruby, Rails, Mongrel, Capistrano, Subversion, and other tools that help to streamline the development and deployment of Rails applications. This article gives you a full tour of Ruby on Rails 2.0 on Leopard - starting with building a web application using the latest Rails features with Xcode 3.0, and finishing with deploying the application to a production server running Leopard Server."
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RE: remember Java...
by openwookie on Mon 3rd Mar 2008 19:47 UTC in reply to "remember Java..."
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Java is a bit different since it's up to the vendor (Apple) to port Java to OS X. Ruby on the other hand has work well on OS X for quite some time before Apple was even interested in it, and like other OSS software is available through MacPorts.

Java may be available in a similar manner in the future now that Sun has relaxed the distribution restrictions (which were brutal in the past, at least when compared with OSS software).

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