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OSNews, Generic OSes Microsoft has released source code from the Singularity research project onto Codeplex under an academic, non-commercial license. "The Singularity Research Development Kit is based on the Microsoft Research Singularity project. It includes source code, build tools, test suites, design notes, and other background materials. The Singularity RDK is for academic non-commercial use only and is governed by this license."
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RE[4]: license
by segedunum on Wed 5th Mar 2008 01:08 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: license"
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It doesn't show anything of the sort. In fact, it shows the exact opposite. Microsoft doesn't intend this code to be open source, so they didn't use an open source license.

It shows exactly that. There is little point, if any at all, in releasing any source code to anyone in this case - and certainly not publicly on a web site. Microsoft doesn't get what releasing source code publicly actually means, and implies. They are still under the mistaken impression that they can publish source code and keep some form of control.

It looks as if neither you, nor Microsoft, get what 'open source' means as a concept - and no, it does not mean publishing something under an OSI approved license.

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