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Internet Explorer Microsoft has released the first beta release of Internet Explorer 8 just a few moments ago. "Download Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 and put the web at your service for you and your customers. This beta is aimed at web developers and designers to help them take advantage of new features in Internet Explorer 8 that will enhance their websites. Download the beta version of Internet Explorer 8. Internet Explorer 8 is currently available in English and will soon be available in German and Simplified Chinese. Please continue to monitor this page for updates and availability of other languages."
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RE: xhtml 1.1
by sj87 on Thu 6th Mar 2008 08:05 UTC in reply to "xhtml 1.1"
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does it support xhtml 1.1 strict? that way i can finally serve properly formatted xml, and embed svg. which means i can draw lines (finally! after 20 years i can draw lines in my webpage)

XHTML 1.1 Strict? There's only the XHTML 1.1, and no, IE8 doesn't support the application/xhtml+xml mime type.

The Microsoft Internet Explorer is not free! Not even as in Ā«gratisĀ». To be able to use MSIE natively (v7 and up), you must own a version of Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later.

Internet Explorer is free for download and it can be freely ran on any system capable of running WINE, so cut the crap.

ACID 2 test works

Not with "my" IE8. I am not able to scroll the page neither with arrow keys nor mouse wheel. It should be allowed to do that.

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