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Apple Some people say Macs are too expensive. Some say they aren't. I say they've got it all wrong. Read on to understand how I came to this conclusion.
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by protagonist on Tue 13th Sep 2005 15:49 UTC in reply to "Mac"
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I always find that statement about all the software for a PC amusing. Look on most peoples Windows box and you won't find anything that you can't do on a Mac. And usually the software is included on the Mac. I switched to a Mac a couple of years ago because I was getting into Video and Audio editing. Both of these have been far easier on the Mac. I must admit that I did purchase Audio Hijack Pro to use for importing my LP and tape collection, but then you can't do anything along those lines on Windows without spending some pretty serious cash.

Anyway, 20,000 software titles for the PC makes little difference when most people use just a handful of programs. I have yet to find anything that I need to do on a Mac that I can't find software for. It has nothing to do with the number of programs and everything to do with the usefulness of them. The hardware was more expensive, but I am spending far less on software for my Mac than I did for my PC's.

So, relatively speaking, the total cost to me is less with the Mac than the Windows boxes. I would not consider buying a $400 PC. You get what you pay for...

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