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FreeBSD "The next major update of FreeBSD 7, due this December, is in the running to be one of the most impressive FreeBSD releases to date. The ULE scheduler has now reached maturity, leading to significant gains across the board (particularly in server workloads). This new scheduler brings notably impressive performance improvements to both MySQL and PostgreSQL. In the first section of this article, I'm going to take a look at what's new. In the second section, I will discuss what the future holds for FreeBSD beyond the upcoming FreeBSD 7.0 release, including screen shots of the revamped FreeBSD installer 'finstall'."
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Maybe it's just me, but...
by fretinator on Thu 6th Mar 2008 17:52 UTC
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It seemed to me like this was no a very good "advertisement" for FreeBSD 7.0. Here's how I read the story:

1. New things coming:
------ZFS - cool, except features A,B and C don't works, and it's still beta quality

------DTRACE - cool, except it really unstable, probably not ready for production

------A new GUI install

The rest seems to be mostly code cleanup and better threading.

Mind you, that's just how it read to me. Personally, I think FreeBSD rocks, and I believe 7.0 will really shine - especially due to the improved SMP support in this day of ubiquitous multi-core processing.

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