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Linux "San Jose-based startup DeviceVM made waves last year when it unveiled Splashtop, a nearly instant-on Linux environment stored in the flash memory usually reserved for motherboard BIOS. The company previewed an upcoming revision to Splashtop at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in January, then gave us the chance to take a hands-on look at this intriguing system software."
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Actually worth using?
by WereCatf on Thu 6th Mar 2008 22:36 UTC
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I don't really know, as I have said in all the other posts about SplashTop it could have been SO MUCH more useful than it is now.. They aim it for the casual home user who just wants to surf and all that? Well, casual users will just find out pretty soon that they can't install any apps of their own choice, they can't use Flash (can't f.ex. check YouTube), and they will just see SplashTop as a total failure. The more technically inclined people who want to have browser et al accessible within seconds will anyway put their computer to sleep at nights/while away, and when they come back they will have the whole full OS at their disposal within, again, just 1-5 seconds.

The thing that would have been a definite killer-feature would have been a complete system repair, configuration, management and diagnosis utility accessible from BIOS, including disk partitioning software, surface scan and such. That is what any and all system builders would love: to be able to test the full hardware without even having to install an OS, or to have access to readily available rescue system right from BIOS if something goes awry!

I really hoped much more from SplashTop than a fairly useless web-browsing-jpeg-viewing-completely-stripped down OS..

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