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Linux "San Jose-based startup DeviceVM made waves last year when it unveiled Splashtop, a nearly instant-on Linux environment stored in the flash memory usually reserved for motherboard BIOS. The company previewed an upcoming revision to Splashtop at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in January, then gave us the chance to take a hands-on look at this intriguing system software."
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RE: Very usefull
by WereCatf on Fri 7th Mar 2008 10:58 UTC in reply to "Very usefull"
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I actually seriously doubt these will be of any use for company desktops.Why? Because there is no Flash support in the browser, you can't install absolutely anything on the system and so on. How can you then run any Google Apps either? And besides, in corporate environments they usually do much more than just edit some occasional document.. Then there's the actual usability: even if you could use Google Apps to do some word-processing, where would you save the documents? In corporate environments all documents are usually stored on a separate server, but I didn't see any mention of even Samba support on SplashTop.

Seriously, I could come up with lots of reasons why these will not succeed in corporate environments.

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