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Windows "If you've been paying attention to the various industry news outlets you've no doubt come across the story about the Microsoft engineer advocating Windows Server 2008 as a 'workstation' OS. According to him, if you make the right tweaks - installing the Desktop Experience feature, adding a few missing utilities, tuning the scheduler - you can turn Server 2008 into a fairly convincing Vista knock-off, one that's faster and more scalable than the original. Curious, we decided to see for ourselves just how well Server 2008 stacks-up to Vista with SP1." In addition, ExtremeTech has an article on Vista SP1 performance.
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by Zoidberg on Fri 7th Mar 2008 11:56 UTC in reply to "DRM"
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"That process eats a lot of cycles"

Not true, the protected media path protection only kicks in when you play a DRM protected Blu-Ray or HD DVD movie. All it does is check to see that you have HDCP compliant hardware, and if so it allows the movie to play. That's it, and it's certainly is not running in the background eating CPU cycles all the time. Check your CPU usage in the task manager. Also, Server 2008 and Vista both have the same DRM protection features.

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