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Hardware, Embedded Systems The Guardian has a piece examining the impact of cheap sub-notebooks on Microsoft's OS business. "The price differential has been slight. The Asus Eee PC changes all that. The price differential between the basic Eee PC running GNU/Linux and one running Windows XP is now significant as a proportion of the total cost."
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why is linux' USP always the price?
by simo on Sun 9th Mar 2008 17:21 UTC
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it annoys me that people always make a big thing about linux being cheaper.

i really don't think its a good idea to keep going on about it, people equate free with rubbish.

can't we make a point of selling linux based on how good it is, and not simply how much cheaper than windows it is?

of course being free (of charge) is a good thing, but lets not make out thats the only good thing about linux.

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