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Legal Microsoft Corp. on Friday asked that a lawsuit claiming it duped consumers in a Windows Vista marketing program be suspended while the company appeals a judge's decision to grant the case class-action status. If granted, the motion would also postpone any new disclosures of potentially embarrassing company e-mails. Last month, the release of similar documents showed that top-level company executives struggled with the new operating system on machines labeled "Vista Capable," and that partners such as Dell Inc. warned Microsoft that the campaign would confuse consumers.
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RE[6]: No reason ...
by Touvan on Mon 10th Mar 2008 16:55 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: No reason ..."
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I've read (but have not tried, since I'm a PC gamer, still) that you can connect a keyboard and mouse to the XBox 360, and they will work in most games.

I just upgraded my PC gaming rig, and it was a hard call to spend that money on a gaming rig instead of on a console, and a less powerful computer to run my normal PC apps, and the console to run my games.

In the end, the freedom of the PC (to run games, mods, demos, etc.) that won the argument, as I don't mind the console controller for most games. Not FPS though, can't play those on consoles, except those that are designed for it - Metroid - that would have been easier with a mouse and keyboard though, even over the Wii-Mote (minus the cool motion sensor stuff, that was fun). Zelda would have been better with a GC controller, to be quite honest.

BTW, Ubuntu and Linux in general need to get better at supporting the newest hardware - I'm stuck on Vista because my PC's hardware isn't working quite as well under the Alpha version of Ubuntu 8 (the current stable build runs worse). I get no boot screen, and sometimes it stalls in an odd way during boot up, and it runs hotter (the fans spin up more often under Ubuntu than Vista).

Still Ubuntu makes my computer feel new, while Vista is actually slower feeling than XP was on 4 year old hardware - and I have 4 GB of DDR 800 RAM, which should be plenty.

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