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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y PCMag compared Ubuntu, Windows, and Mac OS X to one another. "Now that the major OSs all run on Intel chips, the playing field is pretty leveled out. We compared the heavy hitters in an eight-point test to find who wins the OS battle."
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RE: Another myth
by Hozz on Mon 10th Mar 2008 21:59 UTC in reply to "Another myth"
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My thoughts exactly. He praised XP for having the best hardware support, and while that _is_ true, he didn't mention that just about no modern hardware works out of the box, without spending hours downloading huge driver packages (with built-in control panels that you seemingly cannot live without, oh how that grinds my gears)

My year-and-a-half-ish old PC only just boots XP, but after that, nothing works, not even the network (= no internet = no downloading drivers), which means I have to install the ancient drivers that came with the motherboard, reboot, download the new drivers, remove the old ones, reboot, install the new drivers, reboot, rinse, repeat. On Ubuntu, all but the graphics drivers work OOTB. That wins over support for cheap, crappy wireless devices any day in my book. After a typical XP install, I'll need at least 2-3 reboots to install drivers etc., with Ubuntu, it's 1, to install the proprietary GFX drivers, and that's it.

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