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KDE Ars takes a look at KDE 4.0.2. "When KDE 4.0 was officially released in January, there were a lot of gaping holes in basic functionality. During the past few months, the codebase has matured considerably, and the environment is steadily approaching the point where it will be sufficiently robust for widespread day-to-day use. Although there are still many features missing, version 4.0.2 - which was released last week - offers an improved user experience. We tested KDE 4.0.2 with the recently released Kubuntu 8.04 alpha 6." In addition, there is a new 'visual changelog' for KDE 4.1.
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RE[3]: Desktop toolbox
by J.R. on Mon 10th Mar 2008 22:32 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Desktop toolbox"
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Mr. Seigo is making a complete ass out of himself regarding the toolbox issue. Basically telling to write your own containment is really a kick in the nuts for all the users who neither his vision for the toobox nor the methology of how it tested "in the wild" (including some high-profile KDE developers) and leaves the impression of a sulking kid with a hurt ego.

Well, the reason why I ask is that although removing it may not fit Mr. Seigo's vision, keeping it does not fit my desktop. Since I own a 13 inch screen with 1280x800 resolution it just takes up too much god damn space. He can cram as many Plasma features as he wants into it and it still has to go.

However, I do read his blog daily and the closest he comes to an explanation is "wait I am not done yet" in addition to his regular rant about all the work he puts into this and how everyone should just shut it and be grateful. A lot of users are complaining about this issue so I can not understand why he refuses to even consider it. People are complaining because they love KDE and wants it to work for them. Should he listen to every request? No ofcourse not, but this particular issue is a big one. As a result he could at least try to not go crazy and insult everyone when the issue is mentioned. Its not personal against him, and its not even about Plasma as he makes it seem...its only one small issue...ONE issue with an otherwise excellent product.

This shouldn't need to be politics...

EDIT: its strange how my rating drops dramatically every time there is a KDE4 news on this site ;)

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