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FreeBSD "Since the conclusion of the SMPng project, the focus of SMP development in FreeBSD has shifted from deploying locking infrastructure to careful profiling and optimization of kernel SMP strategies for increased performance on common workloads. FreeBSD 7.0 was the first release to benefit from this optimization work." The status of this work includes MySQL workload benchmarks and memory allocator performance in the new FreeBSD 8 branch. Also, here is a recent presentation showing FreeBSD compared to several other operating systems like NetBSD, DrangonFly, Solaris, and Linux.
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by adkk on Tue 11th Mar 2008 14:59 UTC
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What's the point it this?
This is the third or fourth time we see those benchmarks. Ok, ebizzy and bind are new, but what's the point? The ISC did their own bind benchmarks, take a look at
Ok, they are using older versions.. fair enough, but at least they are independent.

The ebizzy benchmark indicates that glibc's memory allocator isn't the best ;)

As for MySQL benchmarks:
Linux actually performs better..

You had your 5 minutes of fame, the SMPng project took 5 years longer than you expected and now you're trying to show everyone that you are faster than Linux.. please..

Really what's the point? Of course you pick benchmarks where you might perform better, I can't blame you for that, but when was the last time some Linux kernel developer came out and posted a benchmark where FreeBSD didn't do so well? You have to admit that they had plenty of time between 4.x and 7.x ;D

Now something positive.. the first MySQL benchmark published last year was actually good, because you exposed a real bug in glibc, but after that was fixed it's all a bit picky..

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