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Apple Some people say Macs are too expensive. Some say they aren't. I say they've got it all wrong. Read on to understand how I came to this conclusion.
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RE[2]: Congrats
by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 13th Sep 2005 17:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Congrats"
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The problem with his article is that he's equating the Macs supposedly increased price to that of personal preference when in fact that are quantifiable assets that allow it to be measured against a PC for price.

You are missing my point completely, as usual, Kelly.

Look, the whole point of my article was to explain that various people experience the same price differently. I'm not talking about the price itself, I'm talking about how people *experience* that price.

Some people experience the price of a Mac as expensive, some don't (I'm of the latter). Whether or not people experience that price as expensive is based on, among others, the things I mentioned in my article. Income, perceived value, personal needs, and more.

You can go on and on rambling about how a 'comparably equipped PC' (whatever the hell that might be) will cost the same or more than a Mac-- but that is completely besides the point. The point is how people *experience* that price.

I experience the price of a Mac as "not high" or "not expensive". Someone without the need or want for Mac's strong points (integration, iLife, nice design) will experience the price of a Mac as "high" or "expensive" because he or she does not need the features that come extra on a Mac. He or she is all fine and dandy with a 499E (including monitor) no brand computer.

Deal with it. Expensiveness or cheapness is not a fact, it's all relative.

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