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FreeBSD "Since the conclusion of the SMPng project, the focus of SMP development in FreeBSD has shifted from deploying locking infrastructure to careful profiling and optimization of kernel SMP strategies for increased performance on common workloads. FreeBSD 7.0 was the first release to benefit from this optimization work." The status of this work includes MySQL workload benchmarks and memory allocator performance in the new FreeBSD 8 branch. Also, here is a recent presentation showing FreeBSD compared to several other operating systems like NetBSD, DrangonFly, Solaris, and Linux.
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by animus on Tue 11th Mar 2008 17:26 UTC in reply to "please.."
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I think the point is to say "hey guys we're back in the game".

"Nick Piggin has been doing some benchmarking of recent linux kernels and FreeBSD 7.0 on a 2xquad core barcelona opteron. He verified that the CFS problems seem to be fixed and FreeBSD's performance on this box with mysql is really very similar up to about 20 threads. I feel confident that the test was conducted fairly and I'm happy with these results. Our stable release is doing very well even if fresh-out-of-git linux is showing better on this platform." <-- Jeff R. on the recent linux is faster benchmark.

It's just friendly competition -- and the only people who are turning this into dick size contests are those fanatics who are reading a little too deeply into it.

Everyone knows benchmarks are only relevant within context. The FreeBSD guys are comparing to linux because linux has been considered a performance leader the last few years... it's the easy first choice. It wouldn't make much sense for them to compare to OpenBSD in terms of performance and scalability, now would it?

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