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FreeBSD "Since the conclusion of the SMPng project, the focus of SMP development in FreeBSD has shifted from deploying locking infrastructure to careful profiling and optimization of kernel SMP strategies for increased performance on common workloads. FreeBSD 7.0 was the first release to benefit from this optimization work." The status of this work includes MySQL workload benchmarks and memory allocator performance in the new FreeBSD 8 branch. Also, here is a recent presentation showing FreeBSD compared to several other operating systems like NetBSD, DrangonFly, Solaris, and Linux.
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by Chezz on Tue 11th Mar 2008 21:15 UTC in reply to "please.."
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For people like you it is not worth it and it's all about fame. But for caring linux devs it was something else. FreeBSD devs have been pointing out weakness left and right in the linux kernel performance and without them God knows when linux devs would have discovered these bottle necks! Consequently, hard working linux devs patched them and improved these points. So, move along.

For all the people who pointed Nick Npiggin website.
Here is a quote from his website

In other words, I can't say definitively that Linux is faster than FreeBSD. My primary interest is to see that Linux's performance problems on this workload are under control. Questions or suggestions are welcome.

Now let's see Nick's Benchmarks on FreeBSD 8-CURRENT since he is benchmarking with an "unstable" linux rc.

And for the record after reading a few posts. It seems to me (as always) that most of these Linux zealots are pretty childish. "Oh who said so, my car is faster than yours!", "Oh you got your fame! Now look how I beat you." Check out Jeff's friendly posts regarding the benchmarks! This is the FreeBSD community manners!

Not RTFM and sucking on lolly pops zealots.

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