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KDE Ars takes a look at KDE 4.0.2. "When KDE 4.0 was officially released in January, there were a lot of gaping holes in basic functionality. During the past few months, the codebase has matured considerably, and the environment is steadily approaching the point where it will be sufficiently robust for widespread day-to-day use. Although there are still many features missing, version 4.0.2 - which was released last week - offers an improved user experience. We tested KDE 4.0.2 with the recently released Kubuntu 8.04 alpha 6." In addition, there is a new 'visual changelog' for KDE 4.1.
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RE[3]: Desktop toolbox
by Morty on Tue 11th Mar 2008 22:15 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Desktop toolbox"
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Do you really think that many of the people, me included, that complains about the desktop toolbox because its "in the way" is going to cram their desktop full of widgets?

And those complaints are even more baseless than the complaints of the toolbox distort/distract the wallpaper. Something that actually have merrit, altough minimal, as the toolbox is painted on top of the wallpaper changing some pixels.

For small screens the toolbox does not steal any of the precious screen realestate, simply because on such screens one will always strive to maximise the work area of the application. Either by using singel maximized application or by make the application cover as much of the free space as possible. In both cases the windows will/can be placed on top of the toolbox, and under the application it can not possible be "in the way".

The only time the toolbox will be visible are when you decide not to cover it with an application, have all windows minimized or have no application windows open. In the later two cases it`s impossible for it to be "in the way", as no work is done and nothing to be in the way of. And the first one, it`s by choice of the user and you can`t blame the developers for that.

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