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Gnome GNOME 2.22 isn't officially released yet, but here's a first look already. "Every six months, the GNOME team prepares a new and revolutionary release of the ever popular GNOME desktop environment. Today, we are proud to introduce you to the latest and greatest features of an 100% FREE and open source desktop. Whether you are on a Solaris machine or the latest Ubuntu distribution, GNOME is there and with every new release it makes your life... Simply Beautiful! Let's have a look at the new features of GNOME 2.22."
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Yes, this is going to be a rant.

What bothers me about all the rants about 'who invented what' is that it's open source. (i'm not saying that credit shouldn't be where credit is due, but as already said, the developers of Cheez credit PhotoBooth already). I mean, isn't the idea of open source sharing? Some other guy in this thread complained about an idea for a wallpaper being stolen from KDE. Hold the presses! Copyright infringement! Patents are ignored! The world on fire! It's a f--king wallpaper! KDE and Gnome are both open source, which is about sharing...

Apple uses large portions of BSD code; is anyone complaining? I'd see it as a compliment. Let me ask you this: If the BSD code was crap, would Apple have used the code? Would they have credited BSD? Probably not. They mention the BSD code on their site because BSD has a name in server-OSs.

If people only would make so much fuss about the things that are really important in life. Then we would have a much better world.

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