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GTK+ "On the 2008 GTK+ Hackfest in Berlin, Imendio's GTK+ hackers presented their vision of GTK+'s future and the reasons why they think that GTK+ has to make a step forward, embrace change and break ABI compatibility. Other GTK+ developers have also voiced their opinions, listing parts of GTK+ that need serious love, but state that they don't require breakage. Whether or not these are the things that will mark the road to GTK+ 3.0, almost all of them need attention. And give hints to the shape of things to come."
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by CaptainPinko on Wed 12th Mar 2008 23:26 UTC
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Will it still be in C? If so why why why? OOP is very nice for GUIs. I mean I honestly don't really care because I am KDE user and not C++ programmer either.

If it's just that they didn't like C++ they could have found some other compiled OOP language. To go on a tangent I think what the OSS world needs is a OOP language that is statically typed and compiled that is not C++. I mean considering all the security risks with C/C++ it makes no sense to use them when just getting 95% of that performance will do.</rant>

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