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PC-BSD PC-BSD 1.5 has been released. "System Updater tool: keeps system & PBIs up to date; sound detection program! Uses XML backend to identify and load modules; amd64 build of 1.5, including PBIs that are on our auto-build server; PBI icon preview library, now a PBI file shows the embedded icon on your desktop, not the generic 'PBI' format icon; Xorg 7.3; KDE 3.5.8; FreeBSD 6.3 Release."
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RE: Virtualization solution
by Clinton on Thu 13th Mar 2008 19:14 UTC in reply to "Virtualization solution"
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It doesn't work if you want to virtualize other OSs on FreeBSD, but if you are just trying to separate out your mail server from your web server and plan to use FreeBSD for both, I actually like using jails a lot better than virtualization. Jails accomplish pretty much the same thing and run a lot faster.

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