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Mozilla & Gecko clones "While Firefox 2 used less memory than it's predecessor, Firefox 1.5, we intentionally restricted the number of changes to the Gecko platform (Gecko 1.8.1 was only slightly different than Gecko 1.8) on which Firefox was built. However, while the majority of people were working on Firefox 2/Gecko 1.8.1, others of us were already ripping into the platform that Firefox 3 was to be built on: Gecko 1.9. We've made more significant changes to the platform than I can count, including many to reduce our memory footprint. The result has been dramatic."
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by ValiSystem on Thu 13th Mar 2008 22:41 UTC in reply to "OS X"
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Firefox philosophy is plugin based, so i don't expect (and want?) adblock and other 'advanced' stuff (not so many people use ad blocking) to be builtin.

Camino does not support plugins, so having adblocking out of the box is mandatory.

Quality of this beta4 is so great that i don't think Camino will survive a long time. I was expecting (announced) improvements for the mac port, but firefox 2 was so bad that i am really impressed with this beta.

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